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A little (video) introduction...


We are TPL, The Pretty Looks, a new fashion blog based in Vancouver. In fact, we're not quite new, really, we have been online since November 2010. 

But in Montréal. 
In French.

It's a new and exciting experience for us; French writers from Montréal and Victoria, English peeps from Calgary and Vancouver... a whole new family connected by our crazy love for fashion, unique style and street savvy trends. We hope to create content that reflects who we are as individuals, but also content that you can appreciate and find helpful, witty, modern, clever, refreshing, opinionated, honest...

(I could stay up all night to list my expectations, but it would be bad for my sleep.)

Therefore, I gladly invite you, dear readers, to come back from time to time. More content will appear as we get out of this beta/dev mode. Meanwhile, you can work on your French skills on tonpetitlook.comour sister website. 

Love you all,
Marie-Hélène Goulet, editor.