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The Anti-Cyber Monday Manifesto: The Brie Edition

I don't know about y'all, but I was absolutely thrown off over the plethora of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales that seemed to have popped up this season.  Taking a cue from their American counterparts, it seems like every single chain (and even some smaller local stores) was boasting a crazy sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY.  Now, this would usually be a welcomed event but with a chain of unforeseeable events making my disposible income, well, indisposed, I was forced to sit out on the sidelines and dream the dream of the Perfect Winter Coat* from afar.  

Those of you who read our french site know that Josiane outplayed us all and went to Mecca (read: NYC) for a front row seat to Fashionpocalypse and left with less than stellar results. Tears fell, hearts were broken and the dreams of bargain hunters everywhere were shattered (It's ok, Mom. We'll get you through this one step at a time.) 

I, on the other hand, took a decidedly lazier approach to the whole situation. I went downtown, somehow managed to ignore the neverending temptation (!) and came home so smug for not giving into The Man that I decided that I deserved a nap. I woke up, opened one eye and refreshed my newsfeed. 

And then I fell in love.



Now, let's join hands, bow our heads and say together: HEEEEEEEEEEY!


For those of you know Lauren Moffatt, no explanation is needed. All that I have to say are those two sweet words (Lauren! Moffatt!) and you're automatically off on a vintage-inspired magic carpet ride back to an era when slinging back Vodka Gimlets at 3pm was not only socially acceptable, but expected. For those of you just discovering her, prepare to be charmed.  With twelve years of designing under her belt, Lauren's eponymous line of classic silhouettes and girlie prints has become the go-to for starlets, manic pixie dream girls and ladies who like to fantasize that they're members of the sixties country club set (read: me). This particular coat, the Nora Hooded Peacoat, made my little heart sing. It has everything that a girl is looking for in a PWC: strong, clean lines, a warm (faux!) fur collar and playful colourblocking to make you stand out you in a sea of sad black wool coats.  

And look:  it goes with everything!





The funniest part of it all?

The coat wasn't even on freakin' sale.

*The Perfect Winter Coat, or PWC, is the is the unicorn of the clothing species.  Heavily sought in most northern areas, especially in Canada and New England, the PWC is quasi-impossible to encounter.  Defining characteristics include: classic colours, clean lines and a vintage feel. Canada Goose need not apply.