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Booberry Cosmetics: vegan, awesome and handcrafted in Montréal!

Okay. So you’re going to tell me I’m biased, and you’re going to be right. But hear me anyway!

Veronique is one of my BFFs, by far one of the most beautiful, creative, talented and awesome girls I've ever met. Everything she’s done since she was born has been magical, and her creativity is the only thing that rivals the size of her heart. I’m now done with the butt-kissing. I really love that chick, what are you gonna do? Absolute sisbromance. 

This being said, Vero’s new baby is Booberry, a line of homemade skincare products, which she crafts in her own kitchen. She makes soaps, and by soaps I mean tiny multicolored masterpieces that smell like paradise and leave the skin baby soft, hydrating creams for the face and body, lip balm, bath bombs and conditioner. Everything is made to order in tiny batches and the selection of products she offers is constantly evolving.

Booberry doesn’t stand for boob (sadly), but for Boo, her huge grey cat which she is totally obsessed with. Boo has over a hundred costumes, from lobster to little milkmaid to Liberace, and often wears lipstick. He’s so ridiculously fabulous, it’s no big surprise she named her company after him.

It’s imperative to see her products to understand just how amazing and pretty they are. She often takes part in arts and crafts fairs around Montreal, where she lives, and you can also visit her Facebook page and Etsy shop. You’ll be happy to know that all her products are vegan, except for the lip balm (which contains beeswax). I have a special crush on her fresh smelling, fast absorbing face cream, loaded with antioxidants and beta-carotene. My second favorite is the Spring Rain body moisturizer, because it smells like fresh cut grass, dirt and yumminess. Bonus props to her leave-in conditioner, which managed to tame my insane, frizzy, curly hair, and that’s no easy task. 


Go take a peek at her work; I think you’ll love it. The only thing cooler than those products, proudly handcrafted in Montreal, is the girl who makes them.