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DIY: Your Guide to **Easy** Leather Additions!

Fall and winter fashion was overwhelmed with a remarkable mix of delicate fabrics and leather; Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, Celine and Calvin Klein all embraced leather’s multiplicity in construction and texture. Leather clothing isn’t cheap, we all can acknowledge that, but I have a solution my savvy fashion friends! You can get real leather for cheap at fabric stores or faux leather if you wish (but get real leather ok?). I suggest buying 2 meters worth, running you about $40-$50, and that will give you at least 3-4 outfit additions.

  1. Adding a bottom leather border to a blouse. Easy. Simply cut a strip long enough to wrap around the bottom of the blouse, pin (no hem required. I like the unstructured, frayed look the freshly cut leather will give) and sew; one quick, straight line. Here is one I did on an old blouse from Zara; you can see that I simply sewed atop the blouse with the leather piece, leaving a slit in front, no hemming.
  2. Add small additions to shoulders, pockets, cuffs or neckline of a blouse. Example: Cut a small square of your leather and literally sew it atop an existing pocket; it adds a cool, contrasting edge to an elegant blouse.
  3. Cut ribbons and create tassels for your bag. Do I need to give you directions for that one?
  4. Create a wrap skirt. Take a piece of the fabric you just bought, wrap it around your waste, secure with a pin if you so wish, and wear a belt over top. Outfit #2 complete, no sewing required.

Easy! Reconstructing clothes make you feel so much better about buying that $1300 fur coat on credit because you went into overdraft last week hey? Or is that just me? Oh, that is just me.