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Gear Up For Winter

Gear Up For Winter!

I love winter; it brings out a creative intuition for color and construction that seems to hibernate during the warmer months. Spring and summer clothes bore the hell out of me; I find there is this lazy element to those seasons’ fashion where one can only go so far with experimentation. Am I right? I think so. I can acknowledge the narcissistic vibe in that statement, but I still stand by it. So, here are a few winter essentials that are a must for me, and I shall indulge you with them!

  1. Fur Accessories (Diane Von Furstenberg- fur shawl)
  2. Multicolored gloves (Kelly Wearstler- Horizon Leather Gloves)
  3. Statement Necklace (Adia Kibur- Fringe Collar Necklace)
  4. Two tone tote (3.1 Phillip Lim- 31 Hour Tote)
  5. Loop Stitch sweater (M-Missoni- loop stitch jacket)
  6. Black booties (Rosegold- Dylan High heel Boot)
  7. Silk pants (Club Monaco- Jenay pant)