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Some Pictures from our Lovely (and Pretty Much Perfect) Launch Party in Vancouver!

2 weeks ago, we had our very first TPL events in Toronto & Vancouver.  Since we’re also 2 weeks old, it's a good score.  Good job TPL! 

Our Van party was held at The Warehouse on Hastings street.  Good venue, good food, good drinks and nice people from various backgrounds: I hereby call this event a complete success! 

We even had a snow machine!  (Eeek!  A SNOW MACHINE!)  Funny enough, it was actually snowing back east.  It made me feel like I was back home!  (Nah, I don't miss that.)

In French, we have a saying that roughly means 1 image speaks louder than 1000 words.  I’m not sure how to properly translate it, but anyway, I’m sure you get my point... 

I'll stop typing words and I'll show you pictures instead.


The girl with the jean vest? That's me. 

Some beautiful people from our local fashion scene <3