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Does this mean the infamous cat sweater is going to rise from the dead with a vengeance!? No, settle down. 

(BuzzFeed just announced that's waaay out anyway...)

I am impartial towards the idea of having graphic imaging on my clothing. Eccentric patterns and prints are one thing, but images of animals, movie posters and other miscellaneous culture club phenomena’s on clothing seems a little… I don’t know how to put this, blasé? I think we all can agree this trend remains popular amongst the hipster club; their continual desperation to define themselves through the rhetorical content of others is shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Was that harsh? Yes, but I stand by it.

You’ll be surprised to know that entire paragraph was a tangent from the original idea I was intending to post, because I am random like that. On we go! How to indulge one’s self in fun graphics while remaining chic is quite simple. Graphic prints and patterns stampeded the runway in a subtle, less provocative way, which makes them more appropriate for everyday wear. Try to take advantage of the baroque trend, Asian influenced prints and the De Stijil graphics that are more elusive and less obvious.